Please excuse my lack of blogging for the last few weeks.

I have had some great times the last little while so I thought I would share some snapshots with you.  My lovely cousin Melissa Lemme played a show at the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons on Wednesday night.  She is one talented young lady, I’m pretty sure I would fail miserable at singing (well singing and me….lets just say we aren’t friends, unless I’m in my car and the radio is really loud, then I am a rockstar!!) while playing and instrument.  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with my sweet little niece (who is taller then me by the way and is only 12!) at her first concert.  We rocked out to Taylor Swift and had a great time!!!  Two of my favourite people got hitched and I had the honour of standing up with them as they did! So happy for these two:)  And lastly I had to throw in a little sneak peek of a new product that’s coming soon, The Memory Box!  Stay tuned for more info about it.

  1. Rebecca Anne says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those boxes. Thinking of introducing them to my product line as well!

  2. I sure hope you do a product release post about those boxes. They are really nice. Looks like great family memories.

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