Meet Brenner!

I haven’t officially introduced this special guy before so with out further a do meet Brenner our sweet one year old Viszla puppy!  He loves to cuddle and is at times a little wild, (I have never seen a dog run faster) and he is totally bird crazy!!! At the end of the month he is heading to training camp to learn how to point so he can go hunting with Dad (yes my husband and I refer to ourselves as his mom and dad lol).

These first few shots of Brenner at about 13 weeks. This last one is him now.  I am amazed at how fast my little guy grew! I think he’s turned out to be pretty handsome.

Studio shots (white background images) by Emily at kidsphoto CANADA in Calgary, AB! Thanks Em for the great shots!!!


This is a new series I am going to be posting here on the blog.  Just a few iPhone pics of the goings on in my life.

This past week I have enjoyed the little bits of sunshine and warm weather we finally had at the TFC game and on a few walks with the pup! Sadly we are back to cold.  Hopefully spring will be here to stay soon.  I’ve also been trying to be more healthy, working out and eating better (hopefully saying that to the internet will keep me accountable).

Every Woman Deserves to Feel Beautiful!

It is so important for women to feel confident and good about themselves and I think having boudoir photos taken can help achieve just that.  My goal at every shoot is to make my client feel comfortable and beautiful.

One of my favourite ways to display boudoir photos is an album.  These little books make a great gift for that special someone on your big day or even for yourself just for fun!

Pretty New Things

I have been working so hard lately to really customize my brand.  New website, new blog and now new packaging.  I am loving my new business cards  with my logo in gloss!! I am also really excited to start providing my clients with USBs for their digital images instead of a boring old disc.  There are lots of other fun things but I have to keep some of them a secret 😉


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!!!  Isn’t she pretty with her little hints of sparkle?!  I am so excited to finally have a blog that reflects me and compliments my website.  This will be a place where I will showcase my beautiful clients, share some of my favorite things and maybe ramble a little.  I hope you enjoy it!  If you would like to check out previous posts go to the old blog.  And because every post is prettier with a photo, here you go.

My husband and I went on an amazing trip to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland this past summer and this was one of my favourite streets.  I just love the lights, they’re so enchanting.